Qi Gong

Qi Gong, Benefits of Chinese Meditative Exercises

Qi Gong is also popularly known as Energy Exercises. Qi stands for energy and Gong stands for exercises or work. Using these basic definitions, think about Qi Gong as exercises that involves energy. It is comprised of various exercise styles. Though exercises come in different styles and forms, all of these are aimed at making the body’s energy work. There are stationary and moving exercises depending on your preference. Most of these exercises are meant for improvement of overall health and wellbeing. Some exercises are intended to cure specific illnesses.

Anyone could practice Qi Gong regardless of his background and career. You don’t have to be a martial artist to fully benefit from it. Experts in Qi Gong believe that energy could be wasted if it is not used properly that is why you feel weak. With breathing and concentration exercises, a person is able to use his qi better and keeps it constantly flowing all over the body. Below are some of its many benefits.

Improves Emotion and Eliminates Stress
A lot of studies about stress indicate that it is greatly related to emotion. Most physical exercises are successful when it comes to relieving anger, but not the overall emotion of an individual. Qi gong clears suppressed and over spoken emotions. Most of the movements involve in this exercise routine could address common problems such as frustration, irritation, grief and depression.
Stress issues in the society keeps on getting worse that is why an exercise system such as this is vital. It has become part of the solution to negate the effectives of destructive emotions.

Strengthens the Nerves
Most beginners of Qi Gong would feel that energy is flowing in their nerves but in reaching the advance level, chi and nerves are separate. Nonetheless, this kind of exercise still is capable of strengthening the nerves. These nerves play a vital role in the overall function of the body. It helps access information from the mind going to different parts of the body and this happens in an amazing speed. Working of energy when this exercise routine is performed often involves the nervous system.

With regular practice of Qi Gong, the energy that would flow into your body keeps on getting stronger which improves the condition of nerves. It also results to heightened body awareness.

Beneficial to Sedentary Lifestyle ( Irregular or no physical activity)
A sedentary lifestyle could have a lot of negative effects on the body. The tension in the nerve increases while circulation of blood and nutrients is slow. This greatly affects the performance of the nervous system which leads to poor concentration and inability to be fully awake and become productive. When a person regularly performs Qi Gong, it helps in having a constant flow of energy all over the body making a person mentally alert most of the time. This is why one would always feel comfortable both physically and mentally.
If you are thinking that this exercise routine is great, you will never know unless you experience it yourself. There are a lot of things to gain in trying Qi Gong and nothing to lose. To achieve full benefits, enroll to our Qi Gong classes now. We ensure that only professional and experienced people would handle each class. All you have to do is enjoy and feel the energy flowing all over body.

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