How Does Lajin Do it All?

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<strong>Reduce Stress and Energize Your Body with Ten Stretch</strong>
When performed on a regular basis, Lajin will make you feel energized. Right after these exercises, however, you will feel relaxed, as all stress will be taken away from your mind and body.

<strong>Ten Stretch Can Help Prevent Neck And Back Pain</strong>

It achieves its results as follows:
<li>The postures you are guided to maintain throughout your exercises influence your nervous system, calming it down.</li>
<li>The fact that it promotes stretching of the muscles results in the opening up of the meridians, which allows energy to flow freely through your body</li>
<li>The free flow of Qi through your body will result in a better internal state,</li>
<li>The twisting motions you perform during Lajin improves your metabolism and the production of your Qi</li>
<li>The controlled breathing you perform will improve and refine your Qi</li>



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