Tai chi is the perfect antidote to online social media

Tai Chi Can Help Computer Users and Smart Phone Users

Newspaper Telegraph mention in an article “Tai chi is the perfect antidote to a digital age”

With the online social media, people are spending between 8 and 9 hours glaring at the screens of computers, laptops and smartphones. The effects of this prolonged interaction with digital age devices touch on physical, psychological and social well being of computer and smartphone users. For instance, user may develop musculoskeletal disorders, lose touch with family and friends, low moods and increased stress, and poor eyesight.

Workers in digital age really need the help that Tai Chi has to offer. Western scientist have accepted that Tai Chi is the healthy way to reduce stress and improve one’s balance after using computer, laptops or smartphone for a prolonged period.

So what is Tai Chi?

It is an ancient Chinese tradition that is currently practiced in a flowing form of exercises. Tai Chi involves a series of stances and movements that are in slow and focused way coupled with deep breathing. It is therefore a non-competitive self-paces system of stretching and physical exercise. Each stance and posture flows into the next continuously. It ensures that the body is in constant but slow movement. Search for free online Tai Chi lesson.

Tai Chi and digital media people

The overall benefits of Tai Chi make it an antidote for digital age. It can a positive part of an inclusive approach to improving your health when learnt correctly and performed regularly. No doubts, the benefits of Tai Chi can be outlined as follows

  1. Increased muscle strength and definition
  2. Increased aerobic capacity
  3. Increased energy and stamina
  4. Increased flexibility,agility, and balance
  5. Decreased stress and anxiety


According to scientist evidences, Tai Chi is also said the have the following benefits

  1. Improve joint pain
  2. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  3. Improve overall well-being in older adults
  4. Improve balance and coordination in older adults
  5. Enhance quality of sleep
  6. Improve symptoms of congestive heart failure
  7. Enhance the immune system

Tai Chi does this magic by gently twisting and elongating tense tissues or tissues that have suffered physical trauma. With the slow elegant moves, the body opens up and releases the central nervous system; hence, the mind and the body are encouraged to work together. In so doing, one does not only improve the balance and coordination, but also brain and memory as mathematics does.

The nature of the Tai Chi moves and emphasis is therefore the best for office workers and smartphone users.


How computer, laptop and smartphone user get started with tai chi

The best way to get started with Tai Chi is to get a qualified instructor. The key to success in Tai Chi lesson are having a qualified instructor, self-motivation, and practicing regularly.

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To sum it up, workers in the digital age may benefit so much from Tai Chi. It helps improve balance and coordination, improve muscles and strength definition, and improve memory. The benefits of Tai Chi are evident in a person’s social, psychological and physical wellbeing, factors that makes it the best antidote for the digital age.


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