Tai Chi for Fitness

Tai Chi for Fitness

Fitness is also referred to as athleticism, strength, good health and vigor. It is the state of overall well being and good health. Practicing Tai Chi and making it a regular part of your daily life will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals and live a healthier, happier life. Tai Chi combines meditation, weight-bearing exercise, aerobics, balance and flexibility.

Strength Building

During the practice of Tai Chi you are using your own body weight to perform the exercises. Slow calculated movements allow you to build muscle strength and focus on major muscle groups that are located throughout your body. You will gradually gain strength and will feel more confident in your body’s ability to perform certain tasks that require strength.

Aerobic Exercise

Many people spend lots of time, money and energy doing fast paced aerobic exercise classes that can cause injury to your body. Tai Chi provides aerobic exercise that makes your heart work harder and allows the flow of oxygen in your blood to increase. In addition to the aerobic exercise that is beneficial to your heart, the combination of breathing techniques required to perform Tai Chi gives you a chance to improve your lung capacity as well.


Some people may wonder why it is necessary to be flexible. If you don’t plan to be a gymnast or athlete, why worry about it? These are thoughts that race through many minds when flexibility is the topic. The truth is flexibility is necessary to have a healthy body. You don’t have to be an athlete or an Olympic medal winner to want to achieve flexibility. Tai Chi easily encourages flexibility, which allows you to perform everyday tasks with ease. Have you ever reached up high on a shelf and suddenly felt your muscles tighten or feel sharp pain? This is due to lack of flexibility. The good news is that when practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis you will be able to increase your flexibility without even thinking of it. Just focusing on the movements and performing them correctly will make all the difference in the world. Soon you will easily be performing tasks without pulling a muscle or experiencing tight muscles.


Balance is essential to fitness. Without it you will not be able to walk well or may find it difficult to participate in everyday life events. Tai Chi can lessen the risk of falls and help you live an independent life. Tai Chi has the ability to help you train your body to improve balance by improving your inner ear sensory neurons to gage the position of your body and keep balance. Achieving balance is a good for everyone to achieve, especially those that tend to fall frequently, senior citizens and those with inner ear problems.

Tai Chi conditions your body in a multitude of ways and gives you a total body fitness workout with ease. You will never have to worry about scheduling a workout session for a specific muscle group, because Tai Chi covers all muscle groups with a variety of movements. This means you can acquire aerobic exercise, strength building, muscle toning, flexibility and balance conditioning all while practicing Tai Chi. This is also a perfect option for those that have busy, active schedules and have a difficulty finding time in their busy lives to workout. Almost everyone will enjoy practicing Tai Chi knowing they are getting a wide range of fitness and health benefits. Beginners are always surprised at how great they feel and the fact that they are reaping the added benefit from meditation, which is part of practicing Tai Chi, ultimately providing the Tai Chi student to achieve high fitness levels.

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