How Tai Chi Benefits Students and Office Workers

Did you know that sitting at a desk for long periods of time can have a negative impact on physical health? This means that office workers and students that spend about eight hours a day sitting could possibly cause harm to their health.

While everyone needs to work and study, sitting at a desk on a daily basis is something that may not be able to be changed. However, practicing Tai Chi can prevent and lessen the risk of developing ailments and health issues related to a sedentary life style.

How Sitting for a Prolonged Period of Time Affects Health

While many people spend their day sitting at work and school the negative impact it has on health goes unnoticed until severe symptoms and conditions arise. Even then it is hard to believe such serious conditions result from the simple task of sitting. If you are one of these people you are at an increased risk of developing endometrial, colon and lung cancers. In addition you are also prone to developing diabetes, depression, hypertension, prostate cancer, breast cancer and cardiovascular disease.

How Tai Chi Helps with Dealing with Pressure and Deadlines

Students and professionals usually have to meet a deadline or feel pressure to make decisions or create presentations by a specific period of time. This pressure causes stress that results in rushed work that is not up to par, uneasiness while working, interference with concentration and lack of focus.

This can cause someone to make the wrong choices and decisions regarding their work. Tai Chi teaches meditation and allows the mind to feel free of worry and concern. This relaxed state of mind helps in making clear decisions, focusing on the task at hand and making positive decisions and choices regarding their work and career.

Improved Energy Level

Professionals and students who are forced to live a sedentary life style most-likely feel drained and exhausted at the end of the day. Surely if you are one of these people you may have asked yourself the question “How can I feel tired when I have been sitting down all day?” Logically it doesn’t make sense, however the answer is much more complex.

Basically the body doesn’t move much all day except for the few moments that you leave your chair for a quick break and usually even that short time frame is spent sitting down in the break room or outdoors on a bench. This lack of movement throughout the day caused the body to feel lethargic and lack energy.

Tai Chi is low impact but requires slow, precise movements that get your blood flowing and increases your energy level. When Tai Chi is practiced regularly the energy level sustains itself and allows the professional or student to accomplish more throughout their work day.

Improved Flexibility

Have you ever stood up from a chair and heard cracking sounds or felt pain in certain areas of your body? This is a sign that you have been positioned in a specific pose for a long time and your muscles and joints are cracking in desperation to loosen up. Tai Chi helps to create flexibility within the body. After practicing Tai Chi on a regular basis the body will naturally become more flexible and those painful cracking noises will surely disappear.

Professionals and students benefit from Tai Chi in multiple ways. It is incredible that Tai Chi can take a person that is sedentary and experiencing aches, pains and other health issues and transform them into an energized, positive thinker that is well-balanced and exhibits overall good health. Start practicing Tai Chi today and begin your transformation to the new and improved you!

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