Can I Practice Tai Chi If I Have Chronic Pain?

Can I Practice Tai Chi If I Have Chronic Pain?

Tai Chi has increasingly become popular worldwide due to its ability to create an overall healthy body, mind and positive emotional state simultaneously. As the news spreads across the world that Tai Chi can improve quality of life, many may wonder if they are a good candidate to participate in practicing Tai Chi.

Seek Doctors Approval First If You have Chronic Pain

Before beginning any exercise routine it is highly recommended to consult with a physician. You will want to discuss with your doctor that you desire to practice Tai Chi on a regular basis. Your doctor will either approve or disapprove your request. Most doctors are pleased to hear that their patients are eager to begin a healthy lifestyle and practice Tai Chi. At times your doctor may even recommend that you include Tai Chi as part of your daily or weekly schedule.

Who are Good Candidates?

Healthy adults and children that are seeking to gain good overall physical, mental and emotional health are good candidates for Tai Chi. Since Tai Chi itself has slow methodical movements and can be easily achieved by following an informative instructor entire families can attend classes.

The health benefits will positively affect anyone at any age. Adults will enjoy the fact that they can practice Tai Chi alongside their children and that their children will grow up healthy and well balanced.

What are Possible Cautions?

Tai Chi is generally safe to practice. It has slow methodical movements and requires the student to shape their body easily and slowly into specific poses. At times, some people may not be good candidates depending on their current health status. Those who have back pain, joint problems, fractures, hernia or severe osteoporosis may have to avoid specific Tai Chi movements and postures. If you are otherwise in good health and only have a specific issue, it is wise to speak to your Tai Chi instructor regarding certain movements that you should skip during practice. In addition, your Tai Chi instructor may discuss a few postures and movements that may improve your health condition. Being open and honest with your Tai Chi instructor allows you to have a beneficial experience.

Things to Remember

Always remember you are responsible for your health and body. It is up to you to get your doctors approval and to also be cautious and sensitive to any health issues you may have. Tai Chi is meant to promote overall good health and healing. If you push yourself and your body too far, the results can have a negative impact on your health.

Is any Special Equipment Necessary?

No. Since Tai Chi is performed with the body, students do not need to purchase any costly equipment. The fact that one can receive impeccable health benefits by moving the body into specific positions attracts many potential students to the practice of Tai Chi.

Once you have received your doctor’s approval you will want to begin practicing Tai Chi as soon as possible. To get started you will want to sign up for classes and introduce yourself to the instructor. This is the time that you will want to discuss any personal issues that may hinder your performance during class.

It is also wise to ask for permission from the instructor to observe a class before signing up. This will allow you to see first-hand what is required from you as a student. Although many students may feel nervous attending their first class, the nervousness quickly disappears and is replaced with serenity, peace and fueled with excitement for the next class.

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