Why Lajin?

I’ve got a few questions to ask you. They’re pretty simple, so answer honestly—all you need to say is “yes” or “no”. Do you feel tired at the end of each and every day? Recently, does it seem like you’re ten times more stressed than usual? Do you feel like you’re going to break into pieces under the weight of everything that’s happening to you?


If you answered yes to all three of my questions, then you’re probably in need of some serious you time. Don’t worry though, because the solution to your stress doesn’t have to come with an extreme change of lifestyle. In fact, it can be solved by simply trying to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health in order to cope with all the anxieties and trouble you’re feeling, as well as to let out all the tension and frustration you’re keeping inside. One of the best ways to do this is… Exercise. Yep, you heard me right. Exercise. And the best routine that you can practice is Ten Stretch.


<h2>What? Ten Stretch? What exactly is that?</h2>

Ten Stretch is a newly established exercise routine that is somewhat similar to yoga. Proven to be highly effective, Ten Stretch is based on the traditional Chinese health theories which maintain that what makes us tick is the Qi or Chi flowing through our bodies. Lajin is an acronym for Tendon Stretch


Basically, Qi is the life force that circulates inside our bodies. It’s the energy that we can channel and control by opening up certain pressure points or “meridians” in our body. This ancient and well-known Chinese concept is the same as that used in many teachings and practices, such as the medical acupuncture or the martial art tai chi.


The aim of the Ten Stretch exercises is to train our muscles, tendons, and all the necessary parts of our bodies in order to open up the twelve of the meridians required for a healthy flow of Qi. The routines themselves can by intense, yet relaxing at the same time. Because of the steady pace, we can learn to control our breathing (which also helps the circulation of the Qi); and because of the extensive physical positions, we get to discipline our bodies as well.


<h2>That sounds awesome! What else can this Ten Stretch do for me?</h2>

Ten Stretch has a lot of benefits and advantages, and in all areas of health—not just physical. This is what makes it perfect for relieving stress and frustration. The following are only a few of the numerous things you can get out of regular and constant practice of Ten Stretch:


Physically,It strengthens the muscles and tendons, corrects posture, and helps improves your flexibility and balance. This is through the straining of body parts as you try out the various positions. As I mentioned earlier, it’s somewhat similar to yoga, which has people twisting themselves into insane positions and becoming human pretzels. Ten Stretch does almost the same thing, but much easier, which makes it a perfect alternative.It strengthens other systems as well, such as the circulatory and digestive system, promoting blood circulation and preventing digestive complications.


Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, Ten Stretch nurtures the brain, and in Chinese medicine it promotes energy flow and proper circulation of Qi in your body.Ten Stretch is the best exercise for you to do. Try it out now, practice it regularly, and after some time you’ll feel that somehow the stress is much more bearable.


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